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What is a Chitsman?

The household cavalry is a British army regiment, and is made up of two regiments the Life Guards & The Blues & Royals. Part of their ceremony duty is Queens Life Guard where the Life Guards and the Blues & Royals take turns in guarding Horse Guards Parade at Whitehall, London. Horse Guards Parade is the original entrance to Buckingham Palace. Before the soldiers depart their barracks in Knightsbridge, London they are inspected by an officer to make sure they have cleaned their ceremonial kit and horses to an immaculate standard and are awarded points to each part of their kit and horse. At the end of the inspection the soldiers are placed depending on the amount of points they achieved during the inspection.The soldier with the lowest amount of points is awarded Dirtiest man and is given duty of Chitsman. The Chitsman guards the entrance to the stables at Horse Guards. Many moons ago I spent countless occasions guarding the stables as a Chitsmans.


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